Is an interpretation of Love & Hate, a symbol of spreading love. It is an international brand with no boundaries to geographic location or mainstream influence as clearly seen through its branding and visual communication. Ammo&Amor® was founded in 2014.

Ammo&Amor® オリジナル (Original)

Is the main line, primarily a contemporary streetwear brand; Ammo&Amor® takes influence from sportswear and definitive street fashion which is reflected in its design and colour pallet. Its graphic inspiration is gathered from Japanese sub cultures as well as classic western 80’s and 90’s graphic styles. Ammo&Amor® first and foremost is a menswear brand with the occasional unisex or women’s pieces depending on the season’s line.

The Ammo&Amor® Philosophy is to provide affordable and high quality garments with clean aesthetics and well thought out design incorporating fine detailing and print. Ammo&Amor® does not follow fast fashion but rather create its own view point while still retaining its core streetwear stimulus.

Ammo&Amor® N°86™

Marked by the brands 'interlocking A's' logo, the brands luxury line, only concentrating on a small line of leather goods such as handmade jackets and accessories made in the U.K. by master craftsman. Some pieces from the line are available bespoke, made to order. All items are brandished with a unique code, authenticating its fine handmade products. The N°86™ line may occasionally produce small line of garments with unique materials and tailoring, fitting to the lines principles and prestigious status.

For more info email: info@ammoandamor.com